Photographers and Collectors

I have gone to great lengths to reduce the size and resolution of most of the pictures on this web site. That way others cannot enlarge them and sell the images at shows, ebay, etc.
Photographs and movies in original size and resolution may be purchased at

Many photographers have contributed to this web site and I understand their desire to have proper credit given.
When this web site was started, I always did not give proper credit to a photographer or collector.
Wherever possible, I now try to give proper photographer credit. It is just the right thing to do.
When known, they will always receive the credit.
However, in many cases, I have no information on who took the original photograph.
In these instances I will credit it to a collection of who provided it to me.
If any visitor, or photographer, recognizes their work, or the work of a particular person, please contact the me (, so proper photograph credit can be given.
If any photographer recognizes their work and would rather it not be displayed here, again, please advise the me (, and the photograph will be removed.